Airsoft Sniper Tips Series | Finding Cover

Have you ever wondered how i got my amazing sniper skills and kills? I’ll explain all of my secrets in this new airsoft sniper tactics tutorial series!

So you want to know how to play as an airsoft sniper? Good.
I will be uploading a series of mini video’s teaching you how to go from a noob sniper to the most epic airsoft sniper.
They will be short and easy tutorial video’s for you to remember the tactics so you can try to practice these airsoft sniper tips and tricks yourself.
The first one is all about where to hide and find your sniper shooting position in the field and how to work together with buddies in the field.
Got any questions or do you got some airsoft sniper gameplay tips? Maybe you want some in depth information about these tactics and other sniper tips?
Leave a comment down below!

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My Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Sniper Rifle : Tokyo Marui VSR-10
Pistol : Tokyo Marui MK23

My name is Dayton, an airsoft sniper from BC Canada, Ever since I started airsoft I’ve been addicted to the long range gameplay. that’s why I play as a sniper.
I have been playing airsoft for nearly 7 years now. Start as a little kid in the backyard shooting my airsoft guns with my friends.
I grown up and started to play more seriously,wile keeping the sport fun and entertaining.
This channel all started as a gaming channel and right now I’m the #1 Airsoft Sniper from Canada entertaining you guys with Airsoft TTT gameplays, reviews, tutorials and of course Sniper gameplay!
I try to travel around the world as much as possible to meet new airsoft players and fields. I mainly focus on woodland environment to play in as an airsoft sniper, I like to do some more Urban sniper gameplay some day!
If you ever find me in the field chances are, I’m out there with my Tokyo Marui VSR-10 and my MK-23!


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