Airsoft Sniper Upgrades (Silverback SRS)

This week I’m showing you my Silverback SRS and the upgrades and parts I use in it.
The Silverback SRS is fast becoming one of the most popular Airsoft Sniper rifles on the market due to the astonishing build quality and excellent support from Silverback Airsoft.

1:00 TNT Terminator Hopup Fast Chamber, barrel and bucking.
5:45 Cylinder
7:35 Silverback Variable Mass Piston
9:38 Rapax Spring
11:47 Suppressor and other noise reduction.
14:15 Scope (Vortex)
15:21 Geoffs BBs
15:55 Silverback SRS Magazines

► Geoffs BBs are available from and are available in all popular sizes. Bios are available too. International shipping also available.

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