Airsoft Sniper | UTG L96 Review

The UTG L96 is a very popular airsoft sniper on the market. Here in this video I review the L96 itself

I like the sniper rifle overall, however there were a few things that I wasn’t a fan of that I go over in the review. A Few key features I liked though was the grip, the hop up accessibility as well as more things that I go over. Remember snipers are different in the disassembly portion of the gun. Make sure there is someone who knows what they’re doing by you to keep the guns future at top performance.

This review was done within a small period of time. I did not use the gun in game, however I shot it and I found my gripes about it. This is something I will be changing in the near future. I will be using the gun thoroughly before reviewed or outlined. I find to be reviews better this way. Now this was just this gun or maybe a few others but some if not most of the products reviewed on my channel are used a decent amount before review.

The shooting on this gun during the video was far from impressive compared to the small (Head sized) target. Of course a full body would be ‘easier’ to hit but no means makes the gun any more accurate. If your target was lying down the may be just showing so be sure to use heavy bb’s (.25s or Higher) and adjust the hop-up good to get good accuracy.

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