ASG AW .308 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Shooting at Longer Ranges – ASG AW .308 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Shooting at Longer Ranges.

While the weather is still holding on, I setup some clay pigeon targets at varying further out distances than the typically 30 feet I shoot on my deck. I paced out approximately 40-60-80-100+ foot ranges conservatively thinking this would be a good test to see if a 6mm Airsoft rifle could effectively hit targets at any of these ranges using heavy .36 gram Airsoft BB’s.

Make sure to checkout my other video I shot on the same day that features my Baikal Drozd Blackbird taking it through this exact same long range shooting test.

So today I brought out an Airsoft Sniper rifle since this is what it’s made to do, the model being the ASG AW .308 Airsoft Sniper. As with many of my shooting videos I captured all the fun using a bunch of different cameras and camera angles along with a dedicated lapel microphone so the audio also comes in nice and clear.

So make sure to watch my YouTube video and see how the ASG AW .308 Airsoft Sniper Rifle does shooting clay pigeons up to 100 Plus feet away..

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Watch my ASG AW .308 Airsoft Sniper Review video:


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