Best Bang For Buck €299 Airsoft Sniper Rifle? (NOVRITSCH SSG10)

This week I’m back to Airsoft Sniper role using the Novritsch SSG10 with a Tokyo Mauri Hicapa 4.3 as my side arm. The Ghille hood I’m using is the brand new Kicking Mustang KMCS Viper Hood.

The game mode is King Of The Hill. Each team must raise their coloured flag at in the middle of the game field. The team with their flag raised for the longest time wins.

Get your hands on the Novritsch SSG10 is available here:

► The Geoffs BBs I use are available from and are available in all popular sizes. Bios are available.
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This 6 minute video may be edited together from a days worth of filming to make it entertaining.
Let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to watch me sitting in a bush for 30 minutes would you.


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