Carbon Fibre Airsoft Sniper Barrel – Part 1 – TDC Shield

Building an airsoft sniper rifle outer barrel, with top dead centre (TDC) adjustment for accurate BB backspin tuning (hop up).

The majority of the barrel will be made from a carbon fibre tube. There will be several CNC machined metal parts added to complete the barrel.

In this video we fabricate the TDC thumbwheel shield. This will prevent the thumb wheel from being accidentally adjusted while in the field.

The shield is made from 7075 T6 aluminium, in 2 setups. First the top is machined, then the excess material is sawed off (not shown). Then the part is flipped over and the underside is machined. Next, the shield is polished in a vibratory tumbler for 18 hours, and finally cleaned with WD-40.

The sloped areas were machined with a relatively wide stepover to provide a contrasting texture. The graduations engraved on the top are to provide a visual reference when adjusting the thumb wheel.

The 2 ridges on the underside will align with slots milled into the carbon fibre tube, to provide the correct alignment with the barrel.

The centre hole was tapped for an M4 screw off camera.

This is a custom build for a client. It may or may not be available for sale in the future.

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