Crazy accuracy! Power of a well build VSR-10. Airsoft sniper scopecam gameplay

In this video I would like to show You power of a good, well build VSR-10 in combination with a little bit of skill.

Enjoy! 😉

My sniper rifle:
Classic Army SR-40


Cylinder – Action Army
Cylinder Head – Airsoft Pro straight Air Pad v2
Piston – Springer Custom Works with Hokey Tape (to make it heavy)
Spring – M160 Airsoft Pro
Spring Guide – Springer Custom Works
Trigger Unit – Airsoft Pro V4
Hop Up Chamber – Action Army Red
Hop Up bucking – Maple Leaf Autobot 60
Inner Barrel – Maple Leaf Crazy Jet 428 mm
Nub – STALKER Panthera Concave Nub
Barrel Spacer – Silverback G-Spec Barrel Spacer

My pistol:


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My name is Filip and I’m an airsoft sniper. At this channel You will find some nice sniping, reviews of sniper stuff, tech tips and more sniping.
I’m from Poland, where forests are beautiful and dense so most of my videos will be in woodland area.


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