Experience 👻GHILLIE AIRSOFT SNIPING👻 by watching this.

❗Airsoft ghillie sniper ❗with Silverback SRS using extreme stealth to dominate the forest during a Search & Destroy mission.

▶I am using NEW Kicking Mustang 0.48g Sniper Balls – http://www.kickingmustang.com for more details.
▶ SRS by Silverback Airsoft: http://www.silverback-airsoft.com/
▶ Scopecam by Foxeer: http://www.foxeer.com/
▶ I use Sneaky Leafs to craft my ghillie, available here: https://bit.ly/2Ht4FJz (ref link, use with discount code “kickingmustang” for 5% off)

⏺ Instagram: Kickingmustang
⏺ Snapchat: Kickingmustang


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