Gameplay – Roof Sniping | ▶ Ronin's Field [Green Team]

Stop the VIP Exfiltration !

My AEG :

NikkSakk Custom HK416D
-Tangodown Grip
-KAC Sights
-Eotech XPS Repro
-Eotech Magnifer Repro
-CTR Stock
-AN-PEQ 15

-Gear Vfc stock lavorato
-Boccole 8mm Fps autolubrificanti
-Titan Adv Gate
-Terna 13.1 -4 denti
-Delayer HS Fps
-Pistone FPS lavorato
-Testa Pistone NikkSakk Fps
-Testa Cilindro Fps
-Cilindro Fps Inox
-Nozzle 21.2 FPS
-Asta Spingipallino FPS lavorata
-Molla 105 Pirani
-Canna Ultimate lappata e brillantata
-Motore Ifrit G&G
-Hopup Supershooter mod. pressore
-Gommino Prometheus
-BB Bio 0,25 G&G
-Battery 11,1v 1300 mAH 25 C LiPo

My Pistol :
– WE Glock 17

Recorded using :
– GoProHero 5 (Head)

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