Ghillie Suit Silently Ambushes Whole Team (Airsoft Sniper With Wolverine MTW)

Here in my home county of Norfolk the ferns in the forest are crazy high.
Too high for Bolt Action Sniper Rifles, but ideal for ambushes with my Wolverine MTW.
The enemy team are trying to deliver a giant bomb to my teams compound.
On my way to assist in the battle at the compound, I run into an enemy patrol.

My team finds itself retreating and fighting our way our through an enemy occupied trench system.

When we escape from the trenches we find ourselves surrounded in the forrest. It’s time to set some ambushes for the unsuspecting enemy.

The Day is finished off with a game of Free for all.
1 rule… K!ll Em All!

This 10 minute video is edited together from a days worth of filming to make it entertaining.
Let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to watch me sitting in a bush for 30 minutes would you.

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