Ghillie Suit Sniper DUO Invisible To Enemy (Airsoft)

Ghillie Airsoft Sniper Gameplay using my Silverback SRS Covert 16.
This episode sees me out numbered and out gunned with only my KMCS ghillie suit keeping me hidden.
After the loss of an objective, I team up with my Ghillie Sniper Buddy Sonny to go on a stealthy mission to try and take it back, will we have time?

My Loadout:
► Silverback SRS Covert 16
► Tokyo Marui Hicapa 4.3

Social Media:
► Instagram: @airsoftcamman
► FaceBook: /airsoftcamman
► Twitter: @airsoftcamman

► The BBs I use are available from and are available in all popular sizes. Bios are available.
International Shipping Available. Use the code: Camman5 for 5% off your BBs.

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► Outro Song: Drake Stafford – Dolos


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