Ghillie Suit So Good I Was Almost STAMPED On !!! (Airsoft BB Sniper)

Ghillie Airsoft Sniper Gameplay using the upgraded VSR from SFC Airsoft and the KJW Shadow 2 from SWIT Airsoft. The VSR Sniper Rifle comes upgraded with T-N.T. S+ 455mm Precsion Barrel, T-N.T. TR Hop Up Bucking, T-N.T. Hop Up Adjustment Arms for VSR, T-N.T. CNC Steel Sear Set, T-N.T. CNC Steel Cylinder Head and T-N.T. CNC Aluminium Barrel Spacer.
The KJW Shadow 2 comes upgraded with T-N.T. S+ Precision Barrel and T-N.T. T hop up bucking.

In this episode you see me team up with my Airsoft Ghillie Sniper Buddy Gray_Fox as we search the field for the objective and rain down heavy BBs from hidden locations.

My Loadout:

►SFC Modified VSR Sniper –
►KJW Shadow 2 –

Foxxy (The Gray Fox) –

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► Outro Song: Drake Stafford – Dolos


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