Gladiator plays Airsoft makes players cry!

Video speaks for itself! New style of gameplay and visual capturing is here!!!!

Insta360 OneX
Airsoft Innovations Bang 22 x2(lowest cartridge😒)
KWA LM4 internals:
Mad bull inner barrel
ShootHappyAirsoft custom hop up
Bucking and Hop up Arm (Maple Leaf)
RC toys lubricant for storaging the rifle
Silicone based lubricant for gameplay
Glock 19x:
Upgraded threaded putter barrel
Inner barrel upgrade coming soon
Bucking upgrade coming soon
Tracer Unit:
Fog annihilating Device!:
Face pro:

Join me as I rolled out with my friends and deliver the plastic bombardment of fire superiority!!!! If you like what I’m producing you can do this too! Everything from my phone! No excuses Gladiators!!! Get out there and do what you love but always remember!!!
“What we do in life, Echoes in Eternity!”

Always on your left!,


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