Invisible Sniper Gameplay (impossible odds)

Invisible ghillie sniper Kicking Mustang goes on a covert airsoft mission while wearing his KMCS Green Cobra Hood & using a Maple Leaf VSR, MK23 socom and the Airsoft Innovations Master Mikes loaded into an insane launcher.

▶ KMCS Ghillie Suit:

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▶ Game is played at Pheonix Airsoft:

About Kicking Mustang:
Welcome to my YouTube channel where I share my sneaky airsoft gameplay, ghillie suit crafting, KMCS leaf suit often using my Silverback SRS Covert, Tokyo Marui VSR bolt action & MK23 socom. I also show cheaters in my scopecam and funny moments.
Kicking Mustang’s cameras: Runcam, Gopro Hero Session, Insta360 One X.


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