Large Airsoft Monolith Discovered At My Door (ICS Airsoft Unboxing)

Large Airsoft Monolith Discovered At My Door (ICS Airsoft Unboxing)

When you see a massive monolith of airsoft gear at your door, you let it in. It’s the nice thing to do.
ICS Airsoft can leave monoliths at my door any day especially when it’s packed full of awesome gear like this box was.

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Meeting Gonzalez
0:51 Send More Galil Stuff
1:41 Master Mods? Are They Any Good?
3:01 The ICS ARK Has Arrived
4:56 Thanks For The Box of ICS Stuff
5:37 Thank You To All These People
6:38 Gonzalez Can Stay
7:27 Shooting The ARK
8:56 150 Feet With The ARK
9:55 A Quick Overview of The ICS ARK
12:25 We All Fall Down

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