Long Range Airsoft Snipers – Swamp Sniper

Bos Stewart, sniping at Ballahack Airsoft for the first time with an SSG24. He is an owner of American Milsim and works for LBX Tactical. We had a blast at the Ballahack Airsoft World Conflict: The Battle for Artesia and we’re both running Novritsch SSG24s. You get some action from phase one and the launch of Ballahack Outdoor, a new store for airsoft, tactical, camping, hiking, and survival gear. Thanks for watching and let me know what you thought in the comments below.
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► Buy the Nemesis Arms Vanquish I use in this video – https://ballahackairsoft.com/product/echo-1-nemesis-arms-vanquish-bolt-action-sniper-rifle/

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Ballahack is located at 2900 Ballahack rd. in Chesapeake Virginia and we are committed to bring new and unique events to the airsoft community.


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