Mauser SR Airsoft Sniper Rifle – Trigger Disassembly – Reassembly {Type 96 (L96)}

Viewer’s request: This is a complete disassembly and reassembly of the Maruzen Type 96 trigger box and internals by K2. The stock trigger box made by the Chinese manufacturer for Mauser SR, WELL, UTG, is made of cheap plastic. ANY lubricants such as WD40 will rapidly deteriate the plastic, causing it to crack!

I replaced my severely cracked trigger box with K2. This trigger box is $208.00 withOUT shipping! Yes. MORE than the cost of the rifle! But this trigger box is simply indestructable. With STEEL sear, bolt lock and trigger release, this trigger assembly will outlast the rifle itself!

This video showcases the dissasembly, the parts, and the reassembly, step-by-step.

Howbeit the stock trigger box is plastic and mines is billet aluminum, the internals are the same as in location and its dissasembly. Besides, you can see the details in the procedures……


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