My First Time Airsoft Sniping (SSG-10)!

I’ve had this rifle since February and haven’t used because Covid shut everything down. Now my local field (Paintball sportsland) is open, I was eager to try it out. Went with a friend and our sons. There was light rain during first half of day so made it very humid. At least temp was down around 80F (26C). Around 20 – 30 people showed up.

Sniping is totally different and very hard. You have to make sure your shot is solid. You may only get one shot at someone. Trying to keep just enough distance and stay stealthy is challenging. I don’t think I will get a ghillie suit but do need a little more camouflage. The rifle is long so can be cumbersome to move around. Thankfully, the ssg-10 is very light because can get heavy at end of day.

Gauging distance was hard. I just need more experience with this. I couldn’t see bbs at times so hard to adjust. I forgot I could zoom in the scope so maybe help with this. It’s critical to make sure your hop up and scope is set correctly. It took me multiple games to dial it in. When shooting at long distance, these factors are enhanced. You also need to make sure your rifle is not canted left or right because it will curve. Again, this is enhanced at longer distances.

I made a lot of mistakes but that was expected. Like when to use my rifle vs pistol. Shooting rifle is slow so pistol would have been better when needed multiple shots. Also recommend having quick access to your pistol mags for reloading. When racking, need to keep rifle where it is when racking for another shot because it’s easier to re-acquire target.

It was hard racking the bolt but I think was more my technique. I forgot while playing what Novritsch said to do. And how do you rack when rifle is in your off-hand. Racking is much harder on that side. My arm and shoulder was actually sore at end. I need to pull bolt straight and should use my back muscle more. However, can’t do this when racking off-hand.

In terms of scope cam, it helps to keep camera still as possible when shooting and keep rifle where it when racking multiple times. I need to learn how to keep camera on target for couple seconds after shooting so can see if hit the target in video. Also need to move camera because a bunch of shots were blocked by pallet or some leaves.

The SSG-10 did very well. It was very accurate straight out of box (after adjusting hopup). I got a couple people that were over 200+ foot shots (61+ meters). And I didn’t have to raise over target that much. Again, liked how light this sniper was. Several games I did go through entire mag (28 bbs). I have a secondary mag holder for rifle but haven’t installed yet but will for next game. An entire novritsch bottle (555 bbs) was plenty enough for the day. I would recommend this rifle for anyone as first sniper. The price is hard to beat for what you get.

Overall, I like sniping and will stick with it. I think it fits my style. I’m really glad I hit several people being my first time. I look forward to trying again.

I was using SSG-10 A1 with .46 gram Novritsch bbs, m150 spring. I also have the SSX-23 with suppressor.


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