Novritsch SSX303 Silent SNIPER Gameplay !!! 1vs1 on closed Airsoft Gamefield

► In this video, we are testing out the new Novritsch SSX303 Airsoft DMR non-blowback Sniper Rifle on an empty airsoft game field with a 1vs1 gameplay. We see how it performs on the airsoft field, not only with range and accuracy – but in a 1 vs. 1 airsoft gameplay against my team leader Basti! I am trying to take the sneaky silent airsoft sniper route as we are playing some rush and defense and simple elimination.
We will find out together, if this is the best rifle for you, to get into airsoft sniping!

► The SSX303 System is available at :

► The SSX303 is the quietest Airsoft rifle ever. It is also the most universal platform which allows you to use it as a sniper rifle, assault rifle, or CQB. In my personal opinion this is the best option if you want to get into airsoft sniping – and you do not want to go full out with a single shot, extremely long sniper – if you want to stay more flexible and adaptable, with easy follow up shots, but still want to up your sneaky game – this setup is for you!

►►►►►► My Loadout:

► Chest Rig: TMC Modular Lightweight Chest Rig → or this one I also own from OneTigris →

► Budget JPC Plate Carrier → or
► AirFrame Style Helmet →
► Belt: Similar Tactical Belt with Cobra Buckle →
► Mesh Mask & Face Protection →
► Combat Shirt: Tru Spec M81 Woodland →
► Combat Pants: UfPro Striker XT Pants Steingrau / Ranger Green →
► Shoes: Adidas Swift R2 GTX →
► Gloves: Enola Gaye MRDR →
► Rubber Knife →
► Single M4 Scorpion Magazine Holder →
► Net Dump Pouch (HSGI) →
► Universal QR Medical Pouch IFAK →
► Holster →
► Fanny Pack (similar) →
► Howard Leights Budget Ear Protection →
► Mechanix Gloves → Hard Knuckle →
► Baofeng Radio → Retevis RHD771 Antenna → Cable → Extended Battery →
► Radio Pouch →
► Single plastic M4 Magazine holder: →
► TMC 1.5L Hydration Water Plate →
► Protective Glasses: Oakley M-Frames 3.0 →
► Vented replacement Glas →
► Backup Airsoft Pistol: Cyma CM.127 Gen. 2 →
► 558 Holo Sight →

► Some useful stuff for your Airsoft Loadout:

► Nuprol Medium hard case →
► AmazonBasics GoPro Case / Anker PowerCore+ Mini 3350mAh / Velcro Cable Ties →
► Batteries for Holo/Red dot Sights CR2032 → CR1632 → CR123A →
► 100 x 12g Co2 Capsules →
► BB Speedloader →
► Leatherman Tool →
► Microfiber cloth for Glasses / Goggles →
► Mini pocket battery Fan →
► Baby Wipes for the toilet or wiping your sexy bod →
► Element LaRue Index Clips Rail Cover →
► 2020 Helmet Sponge Protected Pads →

►► My name is Phoenix Feather Airsoft and I make Airsoft Gameplays around the world, as the tip of the spear, with my camera setup of a headcam, scope cam, and selfie cam. Bringing awesome cinematic airsoft videos to the community!

Thanks for watching!
Phoenix Feather Airsoft
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