(OVER) Do You Want A FREE Airsoft Sniper Rifle? ($450 Novritsch SSG-10 Package Giveaway)

Do You Want A FREE Airsoft Sniper Rifle? ($450 Novritsch SSG-10 Package Giveaway)

So you wanna win my SSG-10 package huh? Alright, I’ll make this easy for you so anyone in the world can enter!

Step 1: Subscribe to USAirsoft

Step 2: Follow The Novritsch Newsletter

And that’s it! You’re entered in to win!
The raffle begins Friday on the USAirsoft Instagram @usairsoftyoutube

Follow USAirsoft on Instagram for all the stuff that doesn’t makes it on YouTube!: @usairsoftyoutube

Make sure to visit the Novritsch website for all the Black Friday deals you could imagine!

A huge thanks to the Novritsch team for making this SSG-10 giveaway possible and for taking the time to ask me how I’d like to run this bolt action.
Whoever wins this setup is gonna love this thing!
They’ll be getting the SSG-10A1 in its hardcase, an illuminated scope with sunshade, a suppressor, foam discs for that suppressor, a thread adaptor for the end of the barrel, a bottle of .46gram bbs, and a replacement black barrel tip to get rid of the red painted one if the owner so choses.
That’s a $450+ package that anyone in the world can win and it just might end up being you who wins it!
Good luck everyone and expect another giveaway if we break 250,000 subscribers!

Or check out the USAirsoft Facebook page► https://www.facebook.com/USAirsoftYouTube/

Thank you all for watching and for your continued support to build this channel! : )

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