Robust And Reliable (Custom JG G608C G36C Airsoft AEG Review)

In this #airsoft review, we’re taking a look at my custom JG G608C G36C airsoft AEG carbine. I’ve owned this gun for probably over 6 years and she is still going strong. I’ve converted this airsoft G36C into a custom integrally-suppressed G36K airsoft carbine to accommodate the wiring for the Jefftron MOSFET which allows me to programme this #airsoftgun to use burst fire!

This JG G36C has been absolutely bombproof over the years, I’ve dropped it, landed on it and filled it with mud, grass and all sorts of sh*t and it has rarely let me down. Any faults this JG G608C has developed have been very easy fixes (usually, these faults have been down to general wear and tear) and this Jing Gong airsoft AEG has still got a lot more miles left.

The fact that so many airsoft sites use these JG G36Cs as rentals is a testimony to their ruggedness, even after being abused by inexperienced players (landed on, dropped, caked in mud and used as walking sticks) these guns will still work just fine. Definitely recommend a JG G608C G36C airsoft AEG if you want a gun built like a brick sh*thouse which won’t break the bank!

If you have any questions that I didn’t answer in this #airsoftreview then please leave them in the comments!

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