Scrapyard Airsoft Sniper (Airsoft CYMA M14 DMR Sniper Scopecam Gameplay @ Maddog Airsoft)

Since you guys enjoyed Hilltop Sniper, I decided to use my #airsoft CYMA M14 DMR build a lot more. This time we’re in the scrapyard at Maddog Airsoft and even though this area of the site is a little close quarters for a massive battle rifle I managed to outrange every damn gun on the enemy team, even the snipers were struggling to hit me!

Unfortunately, as my #scopecam shows, the honesty was a little questionable with a couple of the players I shot. This coupled with crap BBs (we were skeptical of them and this proved our doubts) led to a lot of rounds being fired and not many dead enemy players. However, I still had a good time outranging even the enemy team’s snipers with my #CYMA M14 DMR.

I hope you enjoy this scrapyard airsoft sniper scopecam gameplay, hopefully next time I’ll be using something a little different to my M14. Keep an eye out and subscribe if you don’t want to miss out!

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