Sniping Aggressive vs Stealthy Comparison Airsoft Gameplay

What’s up guys, this is a comparison of a stealthy style gameplay vs a bit more aggressive way of playing. In both parts of the comparison I use the same loadout but switch rifles and secondary weapons. This is my take on what I think is more effective and what I think is a more easier play style to use for anyone who plays as a sniper. If you like these comparison style videos definitely let me know and if you do like them tell me what I should compare next possibly for some ideas in the future!

*Equipment Used

Rifle: TM VSR 10 and Nov SSG 24 (both upgraded)
Sidearm: TM Xtreme and TM Glock 18c
•GoPro Hero 5 black edition
•Runcam scopecam lite

*Field: Blast Camp, Paintball Explosion PBX


Promo code: vrooomproductions
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Ammo I use: BLS bbs
Go here to buy:

*Music: NoCopyrightSounds

Song: Power
Artist: More Plastic


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