Sniping with my Silverback SRS on a Humid Day!!

Hey there, today was a hot one! Luckily my ghillie suit has more air flow than a normal loadout!!! My mask fan came in handy too, be sure to check out the DIY. As far as the gameplay, I didn’t get many kills. However I was able to get a crisp headshot and then reposition to test my ghillie suit. It’s fun watching the enemy try to locate you!! NEXT WEEK, I will be doing a 1k subscriber giveaway! Stay tuned for the video and instructions! You will have a chance to win:

-2k BLS bbs .48g
-Maple Leaf Crazy Jet barrel 120mm
(comes with 85 degree Autobot)
-Action Army Vsr-10 hopup chamber
-Rapax 3J+ spring
-10x of my new patches

Here’s the rest of the normal description:

Op hosted by:


I bought my SRS from:

I have SRS upgrades from:

Custom patches:

Cams and mounts:

Music and sounds:

Markers, overlays & misc parts:


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