The Amoeba Striker

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Today, I take a look at the heavy hitting Amoeba Striker. The Ares Amoeba Striker is an awesome looking airsoft sniper replica made to be customized right out of the box. Everything from muzzle brake to stock can be swapped out for an aftermarket attachment, which is a pretty unique idea! The Amoeba series of airsoft replicas are designed to be personalized to fit your gameplay style. The Amoeba Striker makes use of an open breech and a properly positioned magazine to enhance a sense of realism when using it on the airsoft field. The open breech even allows you to see your BBs inside your hop-up chamber! Pretty sweet.

While I’m of the opinion that no airsoft sniper replica is made to be a long-range beast out of the box, I think that the Amoeba Striker is a good platform for a long range build. It has the potential to be a long-range airsoft devastator, but you’ll need to put in the time, energy and money to make it that way.

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