This Is How ALL Airsoft SNIPERS Should Play…

Join me in an epic airsoft sniper gameplay video as we push as fast as we can to reach The Village in order to stop the enemy team from destroying us! Even though i’m playing as an airsoft sniper, it doesn’t stop me from playing like it’s Speedsoft!

So you’re probably wondering why I named the title “This Is How ALL Airsoft SNIPERS Should Play”, and you’re probably also thinking, rushing and playing aggressive like I am with a sniper is just a stupid way to play. Well, this is just my opinion but playing how a typical sniper should play, is super boring. I like to play as aggressive as possible and get as close to the enemies as possible! But, this is just my opinion, tell me your preferred gameplay style!

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I’d Like to start of with the accuracy of my gun. It may appear that my gun has poor accuracy or that i’m a bad shot but is purely because I prefer to make my videos more realistic than entertaining. I keep in a lot of my misses in (not all of them) in order to demonstrate what airsoft sniping is actually like. A lot of the bigger Airsoft Sniping YouTube Channels will cut out most of their shots and appear like airsoft GODS – they’re not. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still very good players, but airsoft sniping is not always one shot one kill like it may appear. You need to remember that these aren’t real guns.
Secondly, I don’t get many people complaining to me about aiming for the head, but this topic is apparently a big deal in airsoft. My view is that headshots are completely fine. When I take my shot I will ALWAYS go for the biggest target available, because you’ve got to remember that the BB will not always land exactly on your crosshair. But if I can only shoot a player in the head, I will not, and have never hesitated to aim for that. Note that it is completely up to the player whether or not they want to use full face protection or just eye protection, and if you ask me, if you don’t use full face protection, you are asking to be shot in the face and should have no right to complain about it. And Besides, Airsoft doesn’t even hurt, let’s be honest here. It may hurt for a minute or two, but just don’t be a wimp, right?
Lastly, if by any chance you do appear in this video and in the small chance you are not happy with how you have been “represented”, please understand this video is just for entertainment ( I once had a guy complain to me for calling him a cheat, and it wasn’t even him XD ). (Kindly Provided By Kicking Mustang)

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=MY GEAR!=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Zoom Cam: BrainExploder RunCam 35mm lens
Head Cam: GoPro Hero 6 (With BrainExploder Boonie Mount)
Gun Cam: GoPro 4

Main Sniper –
Base Gun: JG BAR 10
Reciever: CNC Type B
TriggerBox: Action Army 90* S-Trigger
Cylinder: Action Army Teflon Cylinder
Piston: Action Army 90* Piston (Blue)
Sping: m135 at 480fps
Spring Guide: Action Army Spring Guide
Hop Up Chamber: Action Army Hop Up Chamber
Bucking: Wonder Bucking 75* + Concave Nub
Inner Barrel: TNT 420mm Inner Barrel
BB’s: Geoffs/Longbow 43g or 45g

Pistol –
Base Gun: WE Hi-Capa TREX
Barrel: Maple Leaf
Bucking: Maple Leaf Decepticon 50*
BB’s: 0.32g


Music used:
(leave a comment for the exact song)

Location : RIFT Airsoft – The Village

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