U.S. Marine Corps Sniper Rifle – ASG M40A3 by VFC – Airsoft GI

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Introducing the ASG M40A3 OEMed by VFC! This EXTREMELY iconic rifle has served many years in the United States Marine Corps and has been featured in numerous video games and movies over the past decade.

The ASG M40A3 is a HUGE step up from the $100-$150 range bolt action airsoft sniper rifles mainly due to the well reputable OEM of VFC. They did an outstanding job with the externals and internals of this gun and once you get your hands on it you can immediately tell that it is a giant step up from other airsoft sniper rifles on the market today.

Internally the gun is VERY upgradeable with the cylinder, piston, spring guide, spring, hop-up rubber, and inner barrel all being VSR-10 compatible. While the internals are very sturdy out of the box, it’s great to see that VFC and ASG took the extra steps to ensure that it’s further upgradeable.

In the end, this is a very high end sniper rifle that is not only functional, but very iconic. It’s sure to be the envy on any airsoft field for years to come.

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