Using A GHILLIE SUIT To Hunt People (Airsoft Sniper)

Welcome to the forest, my hunting grounds. My Airsoft loadout consist of a KMCS ghillie leaf suit and a suppressed 1 joule Wolverine Airsoft MTW which is almost inaudible past 10 meters. With this Airsoft Loadout, hunting humans is easy. My team is searching for an injured casualty, some where out in the field. There is also an opposing force, with the same agenda.

My Airsoft Loadout:
► Wolverine MTW
► KMCS Ghillie Leaf Suit

Social Media:
► Instagram: @airsoftcamman
► FaceBook: /airsoftcamman
► Twitter: @airsoftcamman

► The BBs I use are available from and are available in all popular sizes. Bios are available.
International Shipping Available. Use the code: camman5 for 5% off your BBs.

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► Outro Song: Drake Stafford – Dolos


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