VSR-10 Left-Hand Airsoft Sniper Rifle Modification (Part 1)

Hey guys, so I originally wrote a guide on how to convert your VSR-10 into a left-handed airsoft sniper rifle.
Wrote it back in 2006/2007 on my old website, then republished on my new site at www.2shots1kill.com

You can view the article directly here: www.2shots1kill.com/2shots1kill-left-hand-vsr-conversion-kit/

I wanted to do an updated tutorial and so I created this video, I’ve actually ended up leaving it initially with a left-hand straight bolt pull, I will be seeing how this goes then further modifying it if need be.

I also discuss why modifying your airsoft sniper rifle left handed is good if you’re a left hand player instead of using your right hand to cock your rifle.

Hope this helps 🙂


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