WELL MB03 AIRSOFT SNIPER – 100 feet test

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I’m not a big airsoft player. I played maybe 10 times or so and I always enjoyed it. Beginning of 2013 I purchased this WELL MB03 sniper rifle, a scope and an upgrade kit for the spring.

However I didn’t make it to any game since then. Somehow life with little kids changes your timeschedule šŸ™‚

Anyway I finally made it to put my sniper together and adjust the scope etc…and decided to make a test shot on approximately 100 feet, which is about 30 meters.

It is not a pro sniper, but a low budget one. Please don’t ask me how much FPS it has, I didn’t have the chance to measure it.

Anyway I hope I can soon try it out at a game…maybe next year LOL!

I bought the sniper here, with bipod:

The upgrade kit from:

How to upgrade your sniper:

I bought the scope at a local market.


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