5 Tools That Every Airsoft Tech Should Have In Their Toolbox

Repairing, tuning and upgrading airsoft guns can be a tricky business. There are a lot of nuanced, complex things that need to align perfectly for your gun to work optimally and over the years, airsoft techs slowly gather tools that make the process much easier.

Here, we’re going to show you some of the top tools that we like to have in our airsoft tool box that makes fixing and upgrading our airsoft guns much easier.

The Hop Chop

The hop chop is a 3d printed little gadget that allows you to cut yourself the perfect r-hop patch every single time.

Designed by Spin Rate Engineering and available on shapeways, the 3d printed tool lets you buy your own silicone tubing and cut it to fit your hop-window. This saves the customer or tech a lot of money when compared to the cost of pre-cut r-patches and similar tools, not to mention the time it saves on r-hop installation.

It comes in 2 parts (depending on the tube diameter you opt for) and requires a razor blade and 2 small magnets to be complete.

You can buy your own Hop Chop parts here.

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Simple, simple calipers. I use my calipers every time I open up an AEG gearbox, especially when shimming.

Calipers let me perfectly measure the thickness of the shims that I’m placing in the gearbox and lets me simply understand the combination of shims required to get the optimal thickness.

They’re also useful for measuring air nozzle length, hop-up length etc. They simply allow you a greater insight into the workings of the AEG.

Digital calipers can be purchased from Amazon and ebay for less than £10 and you simply can’t go wrong with having a pair in your toolbox.

Motor Alignment Checker Tool

The motor alignment checker tool from Maekii’s Airsoft Components

The tool sits in the bevel gear position and exits the gearbox via the motor hole. When the handgrip is replaced on the gearbox, it allows you to test whether the motor is engaging correctly with the bevel gear. The tool will highlight the slightest offset in the angle that the motor engages with and helps trouble shoot why a gearbox may not be operating as smoothly as it should be.is a really simple premise that makes AEG smithing amazingly simple.

You can support Maekii and purchase his alignment tool from shapeways here.

Castle nut wrench/spanner

A castle nut wrench, Crown Nut spanner, AR wrench or whatever, is a great tool for those that work on armalites often. The castle nut on ARs can often get really stiff and cause you to seek other methods, like a hammer and screwdriver. A Castle Nut wrench makes taking the stock off an AR amazingly easy and stops you from marring it with a hammer and screw driver.

It also tends to come with a load of other tools that make taking your M4 style AEGs apart.

Valve Tool

Valve tools for airsoft guns are a must have for anyone with GBB airsoft guns. These little tools are specifically designed to remove the little valves in your gas gun’s magazines.

These tools make it super easy to remove the valves that are often leaking or need upgrading and stops you from having to faff about with trying to get it out with a screw driver!

Gas valve tools are a little bit pricey for that they are, but they can save you a lot of time and money spent on trying to remove or replace valves improperly.

The airsoft community is constantly evolving and creating new tools and tricks to make it easier to upgrade our guns to the best they can be. If you’ve got any creative tips or tricks or specialized tools that you use when working on your airsoft guns, let us know in the comments below!

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