What airsoft role should I be?

If you’re a new airsofter, you’re probably wondering what kind of role you should take on the battlefield. Should you be a sniper, assaulter, support gunner or some other kind of role? The choices that face you as you begin to research the sport are endless and it can seem like a daunting task to pick somewhere to start.

However, there’s only one route that a brand new airsofter should take and it’s not advice that some people want to hear.

Be an assaulter.

It’s the most common role that you’ll see on the skirmish field and that’s why a lot of new airsofters don’t want to follow suit. Each new airsofter wants to be the badass sniper in the distance, the ninja in the bushes or the juggernaut machine gunner but there’s a reason why your garden variety assaulter is such a popular choice.

Assault is ‘easy’.

Well, it’s not actually that easy, it’s quite hard. It’s just less hard than every other role in airsoft. The other roles in airsoft take time, technical skills and time to master and enjoy.

An airsoft sniper sinks a large amount of money into making their rifle competitively accurate and then they sink even more money into gear and they learn how to play as an effective airsoft sniper. A support gunner has to carry a heavier than average gun around all day, sit in defensive positions until assaulted, carry large amounts of ammo and sacrifices manoeuvrability. A shotgunner needs to get in close and personal, risking more pain than usual and throws away range and accuracy.

These roles cost money, time and patience before a person can become mildly proficient at it. Experienced players know this and enjoy these roles because they enjoy airsoft, the challenge and experience that comes with these new roles.

A brand new player doesn’t even know if they enjoy airsoft yet and an assault ‘class’ is the easiest to enjoy.

An assaulter carries a relatively light weapon, like an M4, G36 or AK47 and is able to engage the majority of targets at common ranges. An assaulter can use the most commonly available ammunition weight and is able to attack targets without MEDs (minimum engagement distances).

Airsofting is a growing sport that is incredibly welcoming to new players. When experienced airsofters are asked ‘what airsoft role should I be?’, they will often respond by telling you to be a variant of an assault role, simply because it’s the easiest and cheapest to enjoy. Assault doesn’t come with all the complexities (at least, not right away) that other roles have and that could take the enjoyment away from a new player.

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