2020 Airsoft Loadout // Reach's "Dead Sector Alpha" Gear

Desert night camo has never looked so good. My classic airsoft loadout got some new upgrades for the 2020 season — including some sweet new desert night camouflage from A-Two Tactical. In this update, I explain my gear pattern layout and why I’ve made some of these changes… An airsoft playstyle changes over time and the gear should change to fit it!

Plus: corporate cyborgs have to look their best, right?

Check out my original airsoft loadout video here. It goes more more in depth on some of the gear I use: https://youtu.be/b50hrv_kDXo

And here’s a list of all of my gear: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f1kXy-ITS10cTtLEC8IOYgF8C13Rs4HiK3-8eMgMY5w/edit

Remember, if you’re building an airsoft loadout, you don’t need to have the finest gear. Get the basics — an airsoft replica, mags and batteries, face and eye protection, gloves, and some good boots — and build out from there! I think the biggest thing to do play a lot and find out what works. Testing gear will quickly let you know if it’s something to keep or not.

Do you want to see more cyberpunk inspired loadouts from 2135? I would love to show you more in another video.

Join us. It’s in your best interest.

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