5 Home Drills You Can Train with Airsoft

Here we’ll cover 5 home drills you can do with Airsoft guns that will improve your firearms skills as well.

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Georgian former special forces operator Instructor Delta has provided us with 5 easy drills that will greatly improve your shooting skills. And if you use gas blowback (GBB & GBBR) platforms these won’t only improve your skills for usage in the Airsoft or Milsim battlefield, but also for real firearms.

Check out our training videos for further instructions on the applied techniques:

Gun Basics & Safety According to Ex-Special Forces Operator

Basics of Shooting According to Ex-Special Forces Operator

Basics of Gun Drawing & Transitions According to Ex-Special Forces Operator

Body Movement Basics for Combat Shooting According to Ex-Special Forces Operator

Special thanks to Instructor Delta for the added knowledge


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