Affordable Practice Shooting at Home – Firearms Cross Training with Airsoft

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Guns used:

Springfield 1911A1 Loaded:

KWA Full Metal M1911 Mark II PTP Airsoft Gun (Green Gas Powered):

Black Water Full Metal 1911A1 (CO2 Powered):

Over the last few years, airsoft technology has advanced enough to become a great option for shooters to practice with in the privacy of their own garage, back yard, or basement to avoid range & ammo costs (easily $100+ for one range day), driving to the range, weather conditions, and also increase the frequency of practice.

There are many different airsoft guns today that functional and feel almost exactly like their firearm counterparts which aid in weapons manipulation practices such as trigger control, sight picture, reloads, grip, stance, movement, and much more. The affordability (5000 rounds for $10) and flexibility of airsoft allows shooters to increase the frequency of shooting to help reinforce safety, shooting skills, along with have a blast at home.


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