AIRSOFT CAMP!’s annual summer airsoft camp, hosted at Camp River Glen in Angelus Oaks, CA. This camp is ran by the Evike staff, along with Milsim West owners and cadre. An incredibly family friendly airsoft event, families traveled to California from all over the US to attend this weekend airsoft camp in the San Bernadino National Forest. Campers get a relaxed atmosphere, staying in cabins and eating their meals in a mess hall, while having optional activities such as: airsoft skirmish gameplay, airsoft painting classes, tactical tracking class, swimming, airsoft night games, and a giant final airsoft skirmish against an OPFOR. This is airsoft camp!

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I am an airsoft and shooting sports enthusiast, vlogging and covering behind the scenes of the airsoft and shooting/tactical worlds, as well as dashes of creativity, sports, adventure, and other general fun shenanigans.

I’m Leah Del Castillo, aka theTactical Unicorn.

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