Airsoft GI Uncut – KWA Full Metal M9 Tactical PTP Airsoft Gun

The new line of Professional Training Pistols from KWA are astounding! This new M9 PTP looks, feels, and performs twice as good as it’s predecessor. The entire gun is constructed of a more robust steel alloy, which makes for a sturdy lower receiver and a durable but light weight slide that moves FAST! The cycle rate on this pistol is unbelievably fast, if you have a fast enough trigger some people might think you have a full auto pistol. The M9 Tactical PTP stays true to it’s real gun counterpart with the functional decocker/safety, and the picatinny rails under the barrel. Target acquisition couldn’t be easier with the clearly visible white dots on the iron sights. In addition to that, the barrel stays in place while the slide is moving, unlike lesser quality ‘clone’ pistols, which makes the gun even more accurate in performance and realism. If you’ve been debating on what kind of pistol to get look no further than this KWA M9 Tactical PTP.

Manufacturer: KWA
Muzzle Velocity: 350 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 25 rounds

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We are now taking video requests! Post a link of the gun you want to see in the comments below!


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