(airsoft) Op Red Divide 4

The little bit of footage I was able to make from Southern Front Event’s Operation Red Divide 4, which ran from August 7-8, 2020. The event was held at Panthera Training Center, in WV. The scenario is the continuation of an ongoing series set in alternate 1986 Yugoslavia that began to fracture in the mid-1980s and the Super Powers got involved, so the Cold War went hot! The sounds of gunfire are not added in post production. Southern Front Events mix airsoft with blankfire. This event had a very high percentage of blankfire among the participants.

I was portraying one of the 345th VDV in the Warsaw Pact faction. Warsaw Pact faction was represented by Soviet VDV, East German Motorifles, Polish marines, with the addition of leftover Yugoslavian National Army border units. NATO was represented by US 81st Airborne and some engineers unit, West Germans, and Royal Marines.

This was truly a MilSim event, so there was not that much action. Not necessarily by design! I’ll address more of that in a follow-up AAR video.

Unfortunately, I did run out of battery as the urban combat began. Bit of a learning curve for me running this GoPro Here8 Black over a weekend long event. The camera was mounted in a custom case created from a Soviet army flashlight. I will share a video about creating that later.

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