Airsoft Sniper Training Shooting 1

*Please bear in mind this video is 7 years old now. Definitely better videos out there now!*

A vid with some tips on airsoft sniping.
Also includes some decent shots at 8:00 !
Please switch the annotations on because there are a few points in the video where the info was inaccurate, the annotations show the correct info.

And just so I don’t have to answer these questions anymore:
I’m using a Warrior L96 with no upgrades firing appoximately 440fps with .20’s.
I use Blaster Pro .28 stealth green bb’s: they’re a good balance of fps and accuracy + your enemy can’t see them.
The scope is a Simmons 3-9×50 Master Series rifle scope.

This will hopefully be the first in a series of videos on airsoft sniping.
Next video will cover:
Sniper crawl techniques
Equipment (sidearms, radios etc.)
Scenario (hopefully with real people)
How to make a yeti suit.

Thanks for watching!


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