Airsoft SPAT with Jet DesertFox & Boys Road Trip! [Titan Milsim Jackal 5]

Camping road trip and Unicorn Leah milsim airsoft gameplay! Jet DesertFox and I get into a little airsoft spat about tactics. We might be married, but that doesn’t mean that Jet DesertFox and I *always* get along; especially when it comes to playing airsoft. =P But don’t worry, we always make up. 🙂
This video shows an airsoft road trip from California to Colorado with the SSM Squad boys to get to Titan Milsim’s Jackal 5 at Peaceful Valley Elbert, CO. Most of the locations that we camped at were in Utah; as that state comprises about 11 hours of the 17 hour drive to the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Gear used in this video:
PEQ Camera Box:
Chest Rig: Jaeger (Russian)
Uniform: Russian Partizan Summer Suit & French CCE Woodland

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Unicorn Leah is female airsoft enthusiast, vlogging and covering behind the scenes of the airsoft world, as well as dashes of video games, sports, traveling, adventure, and other general fun shenanigans.

I’m Leah Del Castillo, aka theTactical Unicorn.


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