(Airsoft) Systema TW5 (MP5A4)

Shots with the Systema TW5, a high quality replica of the MP5A4.

The Systema TW5 is a “PTW”, a “Professionnal Training Weapon”. It has been made to be used by professionnals for training. Therefore, the TW5 has realistic features.

The gun stops shooting when there is no more bb’s in the magazine.

The 3 rounds burst function works.

The trigger response is really, really good.

The gun is made of steel (it’s heavy, and very sturdy). The finition is awesome.

You can very easily change the power. In this video, I’ve got a blue cylinder (about 380 fps).

I use a Sanyo 9.6v 2400mah battery.

It’s a great gun… With one really big con : its price. It cost about 1000 USD. You can buy it on Redwolf Airsoft (it’s currently out of stock). I bought mine second hand from an other airsoft player, for about half the price.

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