Airsoft Training Knives // Styles and Uses (TS Blades)

Airsoft knives. Totally unnecessary… and yet so much fun! There’s no better feeling than besting your enemy on the airsoft field with nothing more than a dull piece of plastic. Today, your favorite corporate representative takes a look at rubber training knives – why we use them in airsoft, how to use them safely, and the most popular training knives on the market – to keep you in the know on all of your airsoft replica options.

Airsoft training knives come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Typically, you want your knife to look cool and match your gear (like my Cold Steel training tanto or karambit) but as long as it doesn’t have a sharp edge or a point, it can be used on the airsoft field (with the proper safety equipment).

From cheap rubber survival knives all the way up to the tactical TS Blades like the Raptor G3 and Huntsman G3, airsoft knives take many different forms. You can pick your very own tactical pointy object to match your loadout!

A big thanks to TS Blades for sending two of their products for us to review. The Huntsman G3 and Raptor G3 are awesome. Check out the TS Blades website for more unique airsoft knives. (Seriously, they have like six different types of karambit, kunai, and even a shuriken.)

TS Blades Website:

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