AIRSOFT TRAINING: Realistic firearm practice for cheap // The Novritsch SSP1 Training Pistol

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When you can’t get out to the range, or your budget is tight, there is no better alternative to shooting practice than with a realistic airsoft gun. In this video I go over the 3 reasons why every serious gun enthusiast needs an airsoft gun for training purposes.

*Everything demonstrated here is intended for educational and/or recreational purposes. Always practice safe firearm handling. Below is a list of good firearm safety practices:

1. Always treat ALL firearms as if they are loaded at ALL TIMES (even if you know they are not). “Respect the gun and it will respect you”
2. Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction. NEVER point at yourself or others no matter what. NO. MATTER. WHAT.
3. Always keep your finger off the trigger all the way up until the moment that you are ready to shoot.
4. Know what your target is AND what is BEYOND your target. You are responsible for every bullet that leaves your barrel.
5. Always wear proper eye and ear protection when shooting or around people who are shooting.


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