Airsoft training video – Shoot & move transition exercise

In this quick video, we will show you an exercise that involves transition from your rifle to your sidearm. Slow movement is key to best focus on footwork, proper transition while maintaining a forward movement. We practice this exercise to best test our gear load-out and get muscle memory incorporated into our playing routine.

Enjoy the video as we will be bringing you a lot more videos with more depth.

SCAR Inc. is a Airsoft Team that consider Airsoft to be more than a hobby. We train, practice and play with the end goal of becoming better each time. Join us on as we partake in this journey.

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Thanks to BadBoys Airsoft – Denmark for the training facilities.

War Drums of the Far East Percussion Only by TeknoAXE
is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License


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