Airsoft with a kick: Blowback explained!

This is a sponsored video for products sold by Begadi.
KJW M9 GBB pistol:
Lonex L4 PC SD BAW:
Airsoft guns are fun. They bring tons of shooting fun at very little cost and are still very realistic! This video reviews two “blowpack” versions, one is a clone of a Beretta F92 (aka “M9”) pistol, one is an M4 clone (short barrel silenced version).

The pistol actually has a fully functional slide and works very much like the real gun, which makes it a very viable practice weapon as well.

The M4 clone has a special method to create a very realistic recoil effect. How this is done is explained by means of a specifically designed slingshot rifle that creates enough “simulated” recoil to crack walnuts!

A “The Slingshot Channel” production.


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