AMPED Airsoft Tactics and Training Class 01

Amped Airsoft teamed up with Steel City Airsoft to bring players some great learning experiences. They offered classes and seminars for airsofters of all ages and experience levels. The classes started at 10am and run until 12 noon. The classes were taught by current and former military as well as firearms trainers and experienced airsofters with years of experience. There were on the field training, and force on force so that players could use the day’s lessons while they are fresh in your mind. And the best part about the whole thing… THEY were FREE. Every single lesson was FREE. Once a month there was a class and continued involvement could end in some sweet rewards for teams or individuals that stick through the entire thing. First class was March 30th, from 10 to noon.

AMPED Airsoft Tactics and Training Class 01:
Basic Weapon handling and moving.

· Weapon Manipulation
o Ready Positions
o Shooting Positions
o Sling Use
o Support Hand Transitions

· Shooting from Cover
o Limiting Exposure
o How to Pie Corners
o Snap Shooting

· Transitions
o Pacing
o Suppressive Fire
o Direction of Travel VS. Direction of Fire

· Entering Structures
o Pacing
o Pie Before Entry
o Known and Unknowns
o Engage to Percentages


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