ASG Marushin CZ 75 Blowback Shell Ejecting Airsoft Pistol Field Test Shooting Review – ASG – Marushin CZ 75 Blowback Shell Ejecting Airsoft Pistol Field Test Shooting Review.

-Gas Blowback Shell Ejecting 6mm Airsoft Pistols
-279 FPS
-8 Round Capacity
-Single Action Only Trigger
-CZ 75 Replica
-Reviewed by:

Testing out the ASG – Marushin CZ 75 Blowback Shell Ejecting Airsoft Pistol was not an easy one but I did manage to get thorough it! First there was the setup, I could not shoot the ASG Shell Ejecting CZ 75 Airsoft pistol on my deck or I would have fore sure lost most of my shell casings for it. So I decided to setup camp in my pool area where I have a nice large flat area off to one side, I put down a ginormous tarp in hopes to catch the radically flying shells but even this failsafe did not catch them all as I later found out 😉

As with most of my Field Test Shooting videos, I usually do a bit of a pre test to make sure the gun is functioning properly and so I shot a full magazine of my brass shells through the ASG CZ 75 and it worked like a charm, of course when I started recording the live video it decided not to work at all and I still do not know why? I was able to revert back to the plastic shell casing that came with my ASG CZ 75 Blowback Shell Ejecting Airsoft Pistol and they seemed to be working so I went with them for my testing. Interestingly enough the brass shells got much higher fps (around 300+) when I did my pretest compared to around the 250 average fps I was getting with the plastic shell casings.

Shooting on target proved to be better than I though once I raised my sight point up a bit, the gun likes to shoot a bit low but once I found the sweet spot I got three rounds within about 3/4 of an inch from just over 20 feet away in a semi rested position.

I would not recommend this Airsoft gun as an everyday shooter and there is no way you could use it in any type of Airsoft simulation as the ejected shell casings would get lost for sure and the cost to shoot the ASG CZ 75 would get very high indeed! It would be good for use in a movie or video where you wanted the realistic look of shells being ejected and did not want to use a blank gun or render the shells in post. And of course it is just really cool to have an Airsoft gun that has ejecting shells 🙂

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