Assault on the Airfield – Bob's Rebel Training Camp Finale – East Coast – Airsoft GI

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At Bob’s Rebel Training Camp East Coast, players got to play alongside Bob “The Axe Man” from Airsoft GI, and got hands on training from distinguished military and law enforcement veterans with many years of combat training.

This video shows the most epic mission of the day, the Assault on the Airfield!

Both teams captured spawn points on opposite sides of the airfield and fought tooth and nail for control over it until the very last second. Airstrikes were called in, human wave charges were made, glory was secured!

The main emphasis of this event was to teach younger and newer players how to play better through guidance and leadership while still having fun in-game. All experience levels and ages were welcome to attend. Experienced players who attended came with the intent to develop the foundation and skill sets of the next generation of players, which made the day that much more amazing!

Special Thanks to PTS, King Arms, Apex, and Xzone!


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