DIY Firearms Training Barriers

I have reshot this video four times over. Why? Because every time I thought I was done refining these barriers I found another way to streamline the design. Now they are stripped down to the slightest design I can come up with…almost 🙂

I used a regular 4’x8′ sheet of 3/4″ plywood for this project. The measurements are from top to bottom as follows. Cut off two feet from the overall eight foot length. Using a Sharpie marker measure and mark off the following: From either outside edge measure and mark over 8″ down 12″ over 6″ down 12″ over 8″ down 12″ over 4″ down 12″ over 8″ down 12″ over 6″ down 12″ and you’re done. Jigsaw it out carefully and remember you’re actually making two barriers off one sheet of plywood so move slowly with the jigsaw so as to preserve your angles. Radius all your edges with a palm sander. Cut whatever shapes into it you see fit and rock the range!

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