Evike com – AIRSOFT LANDMINE Dual Water/Powder Spraying Pressure Activated IGG 301, 90+ dB

S-Thunder’s multiple use Military Training / War Game Foot “PRESSURE ACTIVATED” GAS (AIRSOFT) LANDMINE shoots coloured powder or water over 100 cubic feet (3 cubic meters) with 90 dB of sound. It ***EXPLODES*** with water or colored powder when foot pressure is APPLIED! S-Thunder’s Pressure Activated Gas Landmines can be used with top gas / green gas. For MAXIMUM explosive effects, CO2 gas is recommended.

See WWW.EVIKE.COM for more military training products.

S-Thunder designs, engineers and manufactures a wide variety of airsoft / gas landmines, airsoft / gas grenades, paintball markers and accessories suitable for Military Training, MilSim, War Games, Woodsball, Waterball exercises and Entertainment Production.


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